Free Swap

Do you want to ski? or snowboard? OR BOTH??
LION GEAR RENTAL offers free swap of skis and snowboards during the rental period, even if you rent at the standard package! The longer you rent, the more you save. Renting for the entire duration of your stay is no stress than renting once and coming back.
你想滑雪嗎? 還是滑雪板? 或兩者??即使您以標準套餐租賃,LION GEAR RENTAL 也可在租賃期間免費更換滑雪板和滑雪板! 租的時間越長,節省的錢就越多。 在您整個住宿期間出租並不比租一次然後再回來有任何壓力。

Free Pickup

A Convenient Service! Special treatment just for the customers!
There is a FREE pick up service from your accomodations to our shop and back, that any customers can use. By using this, you don't need to ride on overflowing ski resort buses and can spend a comfortable time.
最方便的服务! 特别为尊贵的客户服务!


Click HERE for reservations or inquiries. Please feel free to contact us! We will do our best to help you!

*children under 12 years old will be classified as kids
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
请点击这里预订或查询。 请随时与我们联系! 我们会尽能力的帮助您!
* 12岁以下的小朋友将被列为儿童


Welcome to Lion Gear Rental, one stop shop for Ski/Snowboard gear rental. We offer all kinds of ski/snowboard gears, including the latest ski/snowboard model, boots, goggles, fashionable snow wear, hot waxing and more. We also provide High performance ski and snowboard. Located just at the main street of Echoland Hakuba, easy to find and Japanese/English/Chinese friendly staffs are there to assist you anything about winter Hakuba. We have just about everything you will need for your great Hakuba Japan winter experience!
欢迎光临彩虹出租店,您的一站式滑雪器材出租店。我们提供各种滑雪双板/单板所需的器材及装备,包括最新的雪板款式,雪靴,护目镜,时尚冬装/滑雪装,雪板打蜡服务以及更多。我们还提供各种款式个高性能雪板。我们的商店位于白马Echo Land的大街上,非常简单就能找得到。我们的日语/英语/中文店员将协助你准备一切所需的。我们为你的日本白马冬季之旅提供一切你所需要的!